Quartz Fabrication

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At IND, our understanding of the unique properties of quartz allows us to produce precision components and assemblies tailored to your specific needs.

Our premiere manufacturer for quartz products is a US based company that has been manufacturing high grade quartz ware for over twenty years.  They have a strong reputation in the industry for excellent quality and highly skilled technicians on their staff.  A philosophy of the constant pursuit of perfection ensures that the products they produce continue to meet state-of-the-art demands for high purity quartz components. IND’s dedication to quality and precision, ensures that you will get the best-in-class products for your applications. 

We use the highest quality materials available and maintain the highest standards in workmanship and quality procedures, traceability, and documentation.

Quartz services include:

  • Custom Fabrication (hot work).
  • Precision Machining (cold work).
  • Repair / Refurbish Services.