Thermal Spray


Thermal spraying techniques are coating processes in which melted (or heated) materials are sprayed onto a surface.  At IND, our proprietary thermal spraying process results in a highly uniform coating thickness and a visually appealing surface when compared to other coating providers.  We have exacting methods in place that ensure consistently high uniformity and quality. 

Flame-spray (TWAS) coating applications apply molten materials to parts and are used in many different industries and manufacturing operations including microelectronics and semiconductors, solar, automotive, aeronautics, medical, and pharmaceutical.  Because of the nature of the process, parts will not become distorted due to high temperatures or stresses, making it ideal for very precise component geometries. 

The advantages to high precision and complex process equipment components of this cost-effective coating technology include:

  • Extremely wear-resistant. 
  • No drying or curing times.  
  • Can be applied to various base materials. 
  • Increase in surface area. 
  • Fewer particles. 
  • Increased tool run time. 
  • Coating materials include Metals, Plastic, and Ceramics. 

Our experienced team can help explain how thermal coating can be used to change surface properties, improve performance, reclaim worn components back into service, and extend component lifetimes.