Trap Cleaning

Trap cleaning, the process of removing contaminants within a trap component, is complex and potentially dangerous if not performed under strict safety protocols.  It requires specialist and extensive chemical cleaning knowledge.  IND performs this service using its innovative safety first technology allowing clients to reuse their coils and enjoy substantial equipment costs savings. 

IND is continually improving its processes and offers our customers a full semiconductor equivalent or better cleaning process, including:

  • Engineering design and modification, optimizing trap performance.
  • Disassembly.
  • Decontamination.
  • Cleaning/
  • Dispose of contaminated waste.
  • Trap orientation maintained. 
  • Filters and O rings supplied.
  • Identification of faults to trap/components, maintenance, repairs, and machining.
  • Reassemble & leak check to the Clients’ individual specifications.
  • Cleanroom Packaging. 

More On Traps

IND services most components, including (but not limited to) the following:  

  • P-Traps (Including cooling coil). 
  • Cyclone Traps. 
  • Cubic Traps. 
  • Silencers. 
  • Abatement Systems. 
  • Cold Traps. 
  • Flight Tubes. 
  • Contaminated Forlines. 
  • Valves, and all other applicable components. 
  • Various SUBFAB PARTS. 

The benefits of our trap cleaning services to our clients, include:

  • Continued use of coil
  • Increased ROI on equipment
  • High-quality Semiconductor Clean
  • White & Red Phosphorous & Arsenic kept contained and separated
  • Replacement of consumables
  • Utilization of the most up to date, state of the art equipment & PPE
  • An innovative process allows the continued use of ALL COMPONENTS and returned fully assembled