IND uses industry-leading tooling and technology to perform metrology for our customers. IND performs various levels of metrology for our customers on First Article parts, new parts, refurbished parts, and in-process parts for form – fit – function verification with a high level of accuracy and precision. IND can generate SPC reports, graphs, data reports, and provide various other reporting capabilities. 

All SPC is logged per part serial number to allow for easy tracking of the parts per cycle. Our equipment facilitates fast and accurate reporting and aids in other areas such as fabrication, drawings, and reverse engineering capabilities. 

First Article Inspection

IND’s First Article Inspection assures the properties and features of a part or assembly are compliant with its specifications.  IND’s dimensional metrology laboratory uses a variety of calibrated tools such as coordinate-measuring machines, cmm / vision systems, and programmable 3-axis measurement systems to provide in-depth confirmation.  IND’s extensive knowledge, skill at reading prints, reverse engineering, and part applications all complement its metrology expertise. 

Comprehensive data packages and technical sheets can be provided to meet customer requests.  In addition, Certificates of Analysis, Certificates of Compliance, and other forms of compliance will be provided upon request.