Our robotics group will refurbish your equipment and components to effectively extend their economic life.  The process requires knowledge of the system, parts and materials, as well as an understanding of the expected lifetimes of each component.  We ensure component lifetimes are synchronized to limit overall maintenance and equipment downtime.  IND’s in-depth experience means our cleaning processes and materials will increase the effective life of your equipment.  Our design expertise means we can create improvements that extend the life of your components. 

We put every refurbishment through an extensive quality checklist including, testing motors and encoders, functional testing, leak checks, checking ferro-fluidic seals and mechanical seals, assuring proper operation of all sensors, and functional testing of the complete assembly with full range of motion. 

IND has extensive experience refurbishing a wide array of critical equipment, components and assemblies, including:

  • Robots. 
  • Equipment. 
  • Valves. 
  • Assemblies. 
  • Shields.
  • Components.
  • Chambers.
  • Heaters. 

From diagnostics to reassembly to packaging in our certified clean room, IND will ensure your robot, machine, assembly, or component receives the highest quality care and service.  The result will be significant time and financial savings compared to a new replacement.