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Critical Cleaning

Critical cleaning at IND is a specialized service that we take very seriously.  Our ISO certified facility ranges from Class 10 to 10000 referencing Federal Standard 209E; this is equivalent to ISO 14644-1 level 4 (for Class 10) to level 7 (for Class 10000).  Our strict quality control process employs automated systems for managing work flow and documentation and a continuous improvement mindset keeps us up to date with the latest methods and practices.

IND offers a full range of cleaning services for critical components including decontamination, degreasing, selective chemistries, mechanical cleaning, and passivation.  After cleaning we conduct a critical feature inspection and provide a certificate of analysis verifying the specified cleanliness level.  With our exceptional precision machining capabilities we can also offer surface profile modifications and thread repair if desired.

We can provide the necessary information to help you in your process optimization projects as well, for example, by tracking the cleanliness level of each part and correlating that data with process variations to determine the impact on yield.  Let us put our broad range of experience in critical manufacturing equipment and processes to work for you, we’re glad to discuss your ideas and challenges in maximizing your productivity.

Critical cleaning operation at IND for semiconductor,solar, pharma, and related components. Critical cleaning services for quartz and all material components at INDCritical cleaning operations at IND's ISO certified facility 


Cleanroom Packaging

IND has the capability and flexibility on site for the management and packaging of highly sensitive products for semiconductor, medical, electronics and related industries.  Whatever your packaging and labeling requirements are, you can be confident that your parts are handled with world class care.  As with all critical cleaning methods we employ, our processes are tightly controlled and documented and certifications are completed for every production lot.

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