IND offers a full range of cleaning services for critical components including deposition removal, decontamination, degreasing, passivation, electropolishing, advanced ultrasonic capabilities, and UHP cleaning of new parts for OEMs.We use selective proprietary chemistries compliant to OEM specifications.

All our processing areas are segregated by copper, non-copper, and arsenic contamination. Each area has a corresponding segregated cleanroom. We use advanced cleaning practices to help reduce environmental impact and lower costs.

Our cleaning processes ensure reduced downtime, lower particle contamination, faster green to green times and extended part life.
All our cleaning services are conducted with a focus on quality and on-time delivery. We employ advances in technology to continually enhance the quality of our cleaning services.  

The final step in our critical cleaning process is to package equipment and components with the integrity necessary to allow you to safely open them in your Clean Room.  The necessary integrity is assured because we conduct leak checks, surface particle detection, contamination analysis with a zero-tolerance for error.  All our materials used in providing critical cleaning, including our final packaging step, meet the highest quality standards to ensure customer product protection and quality from our facility to yours.

All our cleaning facilities are ISO-certified ranging from Class 10 to 10000 referencing Federal Standard 209E; this is equivalent to ISO 14644-1 level 4 (for Class 10) to level 7 (for Class 10000).