Graphite Fabrication

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IND remains at the forefront of the carbon industry by providing the highest quality materials on the market.  The value we bring to your project is our extensive knowledge of the structural and machining properties of the various grades of carbon. In addition, we provide guidance regarding how different design options can impact the operation of your equipment and processes.

For example, we will make recommendations on how to:

  • Simplify a complex part design and lower costs. 
  • Modify attachment methods of a sub-assembly.
  • Optimize a cleaning process to preserve critical feature detail.
  • Modify components’ wear features to extend lifetime.

At IND, we work closely with our clients and suppliers to ensure the materials used are the most effective for the application.  We demand our suppliers have robust controls over the integrity of their materials.  We implement detailed, exacting methods to inspect, analyze and approve those materials. Reliability is the foundation for all products we deliver to our clients.