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Understanding the properties of the many different fabrication material types available today is critical in creating precision components that meet your specific requirements and priorities. With IND you can count on our expertise with engineered materials, as well as with equipment and processes, and be confident that you’re getting the best solution to meet your needs.

We are proud to be partnered with some of the best material and component manufacturers in the world.  They have excellent material manufacturing processes and controls in place so that we can ensure that ultimately the parts that go into your equipment are the highest quality and are documented and traceable.  You can click on the links below, or use the navigation tool above to get more information on the different types of materials that we work with every day.


Precision components made of carbon graphite for semiconductor at IND


Precision components made of quartz for semiconductor and solar applications at IND


Precision components made of engineered plastics at IND for high purity manufacturing.

Engineered Plastics

Precision components made of metals and alloys at IND for semiconductor, solar, and pharma manufacturing.

and Alloys

We’ll help guide you in understanding material options and trade-offs that will result in improving and optimizing your manufacturing productivity.  IND is dedicated to keeping up with the latest developments and discoveries in carbon, quartz, plastics, metals and composites so you don’t have to be the expert in everything. Please contact us with your questions on how these materials can work to enhance your operations.


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