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Engineered Plastics

Engineered plastic components from IND for high purity manufacturing applications.

The performance properties of engineered plastics are as varied as those of metals and their alloys.  Depending on application needs, plastics can be specified for unique attributes such as chemical and corrosion stability, specific weight, dampening ability, machinability, thermal resistance, wear resistance, and more. Likewise there are trade-offs in choosing the right material and grade which will impact performance, lifetime, productivity, and maintenance needs.


Engineered plastic component samples from IND for advanced production equipment.Through our knowledge of material science we can identify the most appropriate material for your application.  We understand the subtleties that affect performance such as, low sodium content, annealing, stress relieving, resin grade, etc.  The material manufacturers that we utilize have world class operations and extensive experience in manufacturing and quality control.  They are committed, as IND is, to outstanding service and quality at all levels.


Engineered plastics examples from IND for semiconductor applications.IND’s precision design and machining capabilities, along with our knowledge of various industry applications and requirements, results in the ability to create components that specifically meet your needs.  From concept, to design, surface finishing, and final packaging, we will work with you to determine the optimal solution based on your goals and priorities for your operations.  IND produces engineered plastic parts and assemblies for many kinds of equipment and tools in precision manufacturing industries; some of the material options are:

Engineered plastic material examples at IND for semiconductor, solar, and pharma industries.

  • Acetal Copolymers (conductive, dissipative, or antimicrobial)
  • PET High Impact (with or without lubricant) and PBT
  • Nylon 6/6 (with glass or lubricant)
  • Cast Nylon 6 (with stabilizers or fillers)
  • Cast Nylon 12
  • PEEK (standard and bearing grade)
  • Polycarbonate
  • Ultem®
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