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Solar Solutions

Because solar manufacturing has much in common with semiconductor manufacturing we can support all types of wafer production technologies at IND.  The focus of solar production is not as much on contamination control and device yield, but tends to be more on capacity and throughput with the ultimate goal of lowering cost per watt.  Hence, the manufacturing equipment must operate at optimal levels  and with as little downtime as possible.

Solar cell manufacturing requires specialized equipment and processesWhether you are using discrete cell or integrated thin-film solar technology the IND team has the experience and know-how to help make sure your equipment and components are optimized to meet your manufacturing requirements.  We have a deep understanding of the various processing operations from cell production to back end print lines including diffusion, etch, metallization, deposition, coating, and with the unique aspects of thin-film and continuous systems.  We’ve assisted a number of thin film R&D groups in developing new production equipment and processes.

As an example of our work, in partnership with a high volume North American manufacturer of thin-film solar products, we achieved an 11% increase in throughput of their cell production by enhancing certain component designs and optimizing the maintenance program for the equipment.  We’ve also redesigned carriers (wafer processing cassettes) and of course can do shield cleaning and recoating along with MFC and Baritron calibration and valve refurbishment, among other things.

ouch renewable energy systemsAt IND we’re passionate about finding new ways to enhance precision manufacturing equipment and processes.  From simple solutions to complex challenges, we have the experience, knowledge, and capabilities that are required to enhance and optimize your manufacturing operations.



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