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Semiconductor Solutions

Delivering top notch semiconductor support services is how IND began.  The great balancing act in semiconductor manufacturing is between extreme precision and purity and high volumes and yield.  Production just doesn’t get much more challenging than that.  The complex world of device makers requires familiarity with a nearly infinite number of process and equipment variables to get the perfect balance.  That’s exactly what gets us revved up at IND – finding and implementing the optimal solutions to the most complex problems.


Semiconductor Support Services

IND can support all semiconductor manufacturing equipment types.

The IND engineering team has in-depth experience and knowledge of semiconductor and other microelectronics manufacturing systems.  We support all types of production equipment and processes including:

  • Deposition / Diffusion
  • Implant
  • Photolithography
  • Etch
  • CMP
  • Metrology

Semiconductor Process Knowledge

IND has extensive cleanroom facilities and servicesOur process equipment knowledge, combined with our understanding of materials and process capabilities, gives us a clear edge in helping to enhance performance and productivity in your fab.

If you’re looking to get more out of your operations we can identify various options and their tradeoffs to help you make the decision that best meets your needs and priorities. From improving photoresist nozzle design to providing implant source rebuilding programs, we’re here to help improve your operations.

Equipment Maintenance Optimization

Quality and precision is what IND is all about

At IND we have extensive experience with optimizing process equipment maintenance by way of:

  • Extending component/assembly lifetime through carefully selected clean processes and design improvements
  • Developing engineered solutions to maximize yield, lifetime, mean time between repairs, etc.
  • Re-designing components for preventive maintenance cycle extensions
  • Optimizing various part PM cycles to eliminate waste.

Enhanced Productivity

IND refurbishes and cleans semiconductor equipment components and assembliesIt’s all about productivity. With complex systems, improving productivity can quickly become a huge challenge.  That’s where we excel – solving big challenges effectively and efficiently.  Let us put our skills to work for you to help resolve your unique issues so that you can focus on the bigger picture.  We’ll be happy to discuss your current equipment and process needs and outline our approach to improve your operations.

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