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Process Optimization

The IND engineering team has in-depth knowledge and experience with critical manufacturing machinery and processes for high technology and high purity operations.  That, combined with our deep understanding of engineered materials and  equipment characteristics, gives us an edge in developing process optimization solutions for precision manufacturing operations.


Process optimization for high purity manufacturingWhether you’re looking for higher quality or yield, faster throughput, reduced maintenance, or lower overall costs, we can help find the best solution to achieve your goals.  Additionally, we can help to clarify the impact of one outcome on other parameters; for example, how increasing throughput will impact equipment maintenance and downtime, or how using a higher strength and cost material may affect the  total cost of production.


Process optimization mappingWe work closely with our customers to define required and desired outcomes for their manufacturing needs and challenges.  In that process we’ll explore various options and the trade-offs that are always a part of evaluating different approaches.  Once the  optimal choice is made we’ll then help determine test and qualification requirements.   Finally, we’ll review the results and help you decide how to move forward to achieve the ideal solution.  We can be a part of some or all of these steps as needed.


Process optimization results in higher quality and lower costsPut our expertise to work for you to help you reach your operational goals.  We’re confident you’ll quickly realize why our customers today view us as valued partners in their process optimization projects and come back to us time and again with continuous improvement needs.  Contact us by phone, webmail, or email and we’ll quickly respond with answers to your questions.

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