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IND is more that just a manufacturing support service company – we serve manufacturers in the most demanding industries with highest purity, highest precision needs.  In fact, the higher the better because that’s where we excel.  Our deep knowledge and precise attention to detail is what sets us apart from other equipment and component service companies.  We understand the extreme demands that are inherent in high technology manufacturing and know that there is no room for error.

Almost every precision manufacturing operation is unique and therefore has unique problems and challenges.  ‘Canned’ solutions are often not ideal.  With so many equipment and process variables, i.e. trade-offs, it’s critical to make sure that solutions and enhancements get the right results.  Whether you’re looking to optimize performance, refurbish a line, or get certified clean parts, IND is here to meet your needs.



Semiconductor and other precision, cleanroom manufacturing operations present some of the most demanding situations in the world.  The need to produce the smallest features at high volumes and extreme purity is enough to challenge even the most experienced engineering teams.  It’s absolutely necessary to understand how processes, equipment, components, and contamination impact the end result.  Ultimately that means quality, throughput and yield.

IND has developed many solutions, enhancements, and support services that has improved productivity for world class manufacturers around the globe.  At our facility or yours, we provide production optimization, refurbishment, critical cleaning and packaging, decontamination, and design enhancement services to meet the most rigorous needs of any industry.  

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