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Advanced flame spray techniques are a specialty at IND.  Also referred to as oxy/acetylene combustion spray or thermal spray, flame-spraying involves welding with the addition of a high velocity air stream to propel molten particles onto the material being coated.  Coating materials include metals, plastics and ceramics.  This process can significantly increase the lifetime of high wear or corrosion prone components and result in lower cost of ownership for the equipment.


Flamespray with IND's advanced process for high purity clean room manufacturing equipment.At IND our proprietary spraying process results in a highly uniform coating thickness and a visually appealing surface compared to other coating providers.  We have exacting methods in place that ensure consistently high uniformity and quality.  Our experienced team can help you to understand how thermal coating can be used to change surface properties, improve performance, reclaim worn components back into service, and extend component lifetimes.


Flamespray samples for precision, high purity manufacturing equipment componentsFlamespray coating applications are used in many different industries and manufacturing operations including micro-electronics and semiconductors, solar, automotive, aeronautics, medical, and pharmaceutical.  Because of the nature of the process, parts will not become distorted due to high temperatures or stresses, making it ideal for very precise component geometries. High precision and complex process equipment components can benefit greatly from the advantages of this coating technology.


The Flamespray Advantage

Why use flamesprayed coating? Because it comes with many advantages:

  • Flame spray coating is cost effective and less expensive than other services. It is usually less expensive than replacing parts.
  • It saves time because the application process is very fast, with turnaround time in just a few hours.
  • Coatings are available for immediate use, with no drying or curing times.
  • It’s extremely wear-resistant. Coatings that are applied via flamespray will often significantly outlast new parts.
  • Unlike other methods, flame spraying doesn’t produce distortion of the part being coated.
  • Just about any material can be applied to any metal substrate, some plastics and ceramics.

Contact us with questions about what the benefits of flamespraying can do for you.

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