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Cleanroom Services

Cleanroom services for semiconductor and high purity industriesThere is no room for error with cleanroom services, period.  Precision and attention to detail on the microscopic level is of absolute importance for maintaining a certified operational environment.  We live and breathe this every day in our world and we understand how important it is in yours.  IND is experienced in satisfying even the most stringent requirements for cleanroom standards and protocols.

We know that the risks and liability that can result from a compromised cleanroom are not an option for high technology manufacturing facilities.  We approach leak checking, surface particle detection, contamination analysis,  and cleanroom certification with a zero tolerance for error.  IND specialists maintain tightly controlled processes in all of our work and will generate the detailed documentation required to meet your needs.

Cleanroom services leak checking at INDAt IND we recognize the uncompromising needs of critical component manufacturers and of organizations in the research community. With our experience and high standards, you can rest assured that your cleanroom requirements will be achieved effectively and professionally.  In addition to providing cleanroom services we also offer Critical Cleaning and Packaging Services.


Vacuum Services

IND expertly repairs, refurbishes, and cleans a variety of high vacuum valves used in the semiconductor industry.  We calibrate various vacuum gauges such as capacitance manometers as well as throttle valves.  Here are some examples of the types of equipment that we work with:

  • Capacitance Manometers:  0.1 Torr – 1,000 Torr +/- 0.5% F.S.  Models supported include but not limited to:  MKS, Tylan, MykrolisCleanroom services for vacuum and precision equipment at IND
  • Throttle Valves:  MKS 253, 153 and 653 series throttle valves.  Tylan, Mykrolis, Brooks MDV series throttle valves.
  • Refurbishment features:  Tear down, cleaning, replacement of bearings, belts and seals, rebuild and testing.
  • Calibrations features:  Initial testing, cleaning, bake out, 4 point, 10 point, and full-scale calibration, certification, final QC, and cleanroom packaging


Certification and Quality Assurance

All calibration methods and testing are compliant to ISO 9001 standards. Each gauge is shipped with a hard copy calibration certificate. All records are kept at IND for a period of five years and can be emailed upon request.


Cleanroom Certification

Cleanroom Performance Testing

  • Instruments – Care and Calibration
  • Filter Leak Scanning
  • Airflow Measurements
  • Airborne Particle Counts
  • Documentation, Procedural Standards and Specification Reviews

Cleanroom Training (onsite at our facility or the customer site)

  • Lab Safety (not general safety)
  • Gowning
  • Cleaning
  • Protocol
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Build Orientation
  • Documentation and Specifications
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