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IND remains at the forefront of the carbon industry by providing the highest quality materials on the market.  The value that we bring to your project is that we have extensive knowledge of the structural and machining properties of the various grades of carbon and what each grade is best suited for.  In addition, we can provide guidance on how different design options can impact the operation of your equipment and processes.

For example, we can make recommendations on how to:

  • simplify a complex part design and lower costs, or
  • modify attachment methods of a sub-assembly,
  • optimize a cleaning process to preserve critical feature detail, or
  • modify a components’ wear features to extend lifetime.

Carbon components and graphite for semiconductor, solar, pharma, and related industries.

Our premiere suppliers produce engineered graphite that meets rigorous manufacturing standards.  Various purification vessels, including multiple halogens at high temperatures, remove metallic impurities from the graphite that we source.  Ash levels are guaranteed to be below 5ppm.

Our manufacturer for carbon based materials pioneered the development of isotropic graphite.  This makes the graphite structure ideal for high precision applications where tolerances are critical.  The light weight yet high strength material has high heat resistance, excellent electrical conductivity, and is resistant to corrosive chemicals.


Carbon and graphite components - chart comparing superior properties of graphite.At IND we work closely with our customers and suppliers to ensure the materials we use are the most effective for the application requirements.  Our suppliers have robust controls and analysis of their materials in place and we have detailed and exacting methods to inspect and qualify those materials when we receive them.  Reliability is key, it is the foundation for all of the end products that we deliver to our customers.

We have the expertise and capability required to produce precision components and assemblies in carbon to your exacting specifications.  As the manufacturing industry continues to demand carbon with finer and more stable properties, through continuous improvement both internally and externally, we are dedicated to living up to those high expectations.

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