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At IND, we found a need for increased filtration that could meet the latest demands for ultra-high purity fluids.  We are now pleased to offer two new Nano-Filtration technologies: Disk Filtration and Wafer Filtration that set new standards for performance and economy.


Disk Filtration


Using plastic molded disks that have been tooled, fabricated, and tested, we have created a cost-effective, multiple-stage filtration system that can filter down to impressive levels of 100nm.


By adding additional steps in the walls, we have increased the collection capacity; thus, achieving a whole new level of purity for either liquid or gas.  Thanks to our backwashing in-situ development, these filters have exceptional longevity.



                                                        Wafer Filtration

A more versatile option, constructed of chemistry matched material technology, can filter down to ground-breaking levels of 4nm.  This new level of 4nm is just the beginning; since the structure size is based on semi-conductor technology, filtration levels will continue to increase as advances in semi-conductor industry are made.


Fluids flow along the surface of the substrate which increases the flow and filtration capabilities.  Our microfluidics allows us to customize based on your needs. In addition to the filter wafers being stacked into an array to meet flow requirements, pore size can be designed and constructed to any specified size.  Like the disk filtration, the wafer filtration can be cleaned in-situ.

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